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The movie was a real tearjerker and her best friend had the raccoon eyes to prove it. But Jennifer’s eyes were streak free. How did she do it?

How To Avoid The Movie Mascara Streak Up By Beauty Salon Taringa - Call Us On 07 3871 0477

How To Avoid The Movie Mascara Streak Up


With a busy, active lifestyle, Jennifer liked the idea of mascara. She knew it really enhanced her whole eye area but…she just couldn’t make the daily commitment.


That’s when she discovered lash tinting. It was a perfect streak free fit for her. And Jennifer isn’t the only one. We have lots of clients that love the convenience of lash tinting for many reasons.


Some simply don’t want to take the time with mascara even though they know their appearance is more polished with it. Others have an allergy to mascara and can’t use it.


Whatever the reason, lash tinting has saved precious minutes in the morning for many busy women and given their appearance more polish.


A vegetable dye applied just once every 3-4 weeks in less than 30 minutes, lash tinting is a safe, practical alternative to mascara.


You’ll never have to worry about chick flick tearjerkers again. Ask us about it today!

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