How To Beat Dark Circles By Beauty Salon Taringa - Call Us On 07 3871 0477

How To Beat Dark Circles

Dark circles caused by allergies, stress, and fatigue can really wreak havoc on your entire look.

Some lighter chemical peels can help with under eye discoloration if it is due to hyperpigmentation.

Unfortunately, for a great many of us, that’s just not the case!

Make-up and eye products, both of which we offer, greatly reduce and disguise the appearance of dark circles.

But if you wake up one morning and your dark circles are doing a tap dance on your face, try one of these home remedies to get fast relief:

  • Cucumbers-This is a tried and true approach! Slice a refrigerated cucumber into thin slices. Place on your eyes for 5-10 minutes. The coolness will help to reduce inflammation and lighten the skin under your eyes.
  • Cooled, Used Tea bags. Green, black or white, it doesn’t matter. All three help to reduce inflammation and lighten the under eye skin.
  • Spoons! Refrigerate two teaspoons for an hour or two. Then place them over each eye for a cooling, refreshing result.

Once you’ve completed your home treatment, apply eye serum and make-up as usual. You’ll be thrilled!

Speak to us about our Germaine de Capuccini SRNS Eye Serum and Issada Liquid Light when you call NEST Skin, Body & Wellbeing your beauty salon Taringa on 07 38710477.

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How To Make Dull Skin Beautiful Again By Beauty Salon Taringa - Call Us On 07 3871 0477

How To Make Dull Skin Beautiful Again

You can blame it on stress, the weather change, or you wore the wrong lipstick colour today, but it just seems like your skin doesn’t look right. Make-up doesn’t look natural and then there are the signs of aging.


Crow’s feet, sun damage, lip wrinkles, and brown spots can rob you of your confidence and your natural beauty.


There’s no need to let that happen. Skinceuticals Gel Peels rejuvenate your skin and improve the texture. Lip and eye wrinkles fade, brown spots retreat and blackheads are banished.


But it gets even better. The fast pace of every day life, not drinking enough water or exercising, can make your skin look dull, even sluggish. A Soli-Tone Photobiostimulation Treatment will further rejuvenate your skin, restoring a youthful glow.


And that’s in addition to the other anti-aging benefits! If you’re ready for smoother, softer, younger skin, you owe it to yourself to talk to us about Skinceuticals Gel Peels.

Call NEST Skin, Body & Wellbeing, your beauty salon Taringa on 07 38710477 today!

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How Busy Women Can Get The Most From Their Skincare By Beauty Salon Taringa - Call Us On 07 3871 0477

How Busy Women Can Get The Most From Their Skincare

We’ve got good news for busy women like you! No matter what you’re juggling, it seems skincare gets a low priority on the “to do” list because it just takes too much time, right?

Hmmmm…well, what if there was a way to make it simple and easy? Happily, there is! Taking care of your skin is as simple as 1-2-3.

Make sure you have the right cleanser for your skin type. Next, use a mild exfoliant once a week in the shower. That’s pretty easy, isn’t it? Then follow up with the right moisturiser for your skin type.

The key to keeping your skincare simple is to clean out what you’ve got. You know, the little bit of moisturiser your friend gave you for Christmas, but you’ve been using it for a body lotion because you didn’t like it for your face.

Throw out the expired stuff, too. Just strip your skincare closet bare! Allow us the honour of giving you a complimentary skin consult to determine what you do need.

We’ll make sure that what we give you fits your lifestyle. And that means quick, simple and effective. Yep, we’ve got that.

So don’t wait. Your skin and you deserves better. Call NEST Skin, Body & Wellbeing, your beauty salon Taringa now on 07 38710477.

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Retinal v Retinol

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Retinal vs retinol explained.

Medik8, experts in Vitamin A

Vitamin A has long been hailed as the gold-standard of anti-ageing. This powerful molecule resurfaces skin, enhances collagen production, reduces blemishes, fades fine lines and wrinkles and brightens the complexion.

Of course, vitamin A comes in many different forms. There’s the tried-and-tested – retinol and retinoic acid – then there’s the next generation molecules such as retinaldehyde (retinal) and retinyl retinoate.

When it comes to over-the-counter skincare, it always comes down to retinol vs retinal. These two molecules seem to reign supreme, but the difference between them is not always that clear. That’s why we’ve compiled easy-to-follow guide to help you the right vitamin A for you.

Retinal vs retinol face mapping

For the most part, retinal and retinol are used across the entire face, neck and décolletage to combat signs of ageing.

Spot-treating certain areas of the face with vitamin A is an unusual practice. Most skin experts recommend applying retinol/retinal to the entire face even if your main concern is in a specific area. Because vitamin A helps to prevent signs of ageing as well as correcting them, it can effectively treat one area while preventing ageing in others.

The one exception is the eyes. The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate. As such, it is particularly prone to sensitivity. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the anti-ageing benefits of retinol and retinal around the delicate eye area. Just be sure to use an eye-specific product that has been specially formulated to care for the skin around the eyes.

Retinol vs retinal based on skin type

Choosing the right vitamin A comes down to your skin type and the concerns you’re trying to address. Although retinal and retinol work in similar ways, they have a few profound differences that make them suitable for different skin conditions.

For starters, retinal works up to 11 times faster than retinol. This makes it ideal for mature skin types that want to see a significant improvement in fines lines and wrinkles as quickly as possible.

Of course, not everyone needs such an extreme skin rejuvenation, so younger skin may fare better with retinol. Especially when it comes to preventing signs of ageing.

Remarkably, retinal is the only retinoid that exhibits direct antibacterial properties. This makes it perfect for those prone to blemishes. With continued use, it diminishes the bacteria responsible for breakouts to leave skin looking clear, radiant and youthful.

Retinol vs retinal effectiveness

Both retinol and retinal speed up cellular regeneration and collagen production to plump the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.They also help to inhibit the production of excess melanin to promote a brighter and more even-toned complexion.

Their main difference is the speed in which they yield results. Retinal has been clinically proven to work up to 11 times faster than retinol.

In addition, retinal has a much higher exfoliation rate than retinol, which contributes to even-toned, radiant skin.

Retinol vs retinal side effects

Both retinal and retinol can cause mild irritation when they’re first introduced to the skin, but these effects are temporary, and they usually occur when vitamin A has been introduced too quickly or in too high a quantity.

Technically speaking, retinol is usually gentler than retinal, but new developments in encapsulation techniques have allowed formulators to create retinal products that are just as kind to the skin as retinol.

Introducing vitamin A into your routine gradually is the best way to avoid irritation. Start with a low percentage. Use it twice a week for the first 2 weeks, every other night for a further 2 weeks and then every night. Once your skin has built-up a tolerance to the ingredient, you can then move on to higher strength products.

Retinal vs retinol, the science

To understand the differences of retinal vs retinol, it helps to understand the vitamin A cycle.

When vitamin A is not being used by the body, it is stored within the skin cells as retinyl esters. Once the body is ready to metabolise vitamin A, these esters are converted to retinol, and then to retinaldehyde before ultimately becoming retinoic acid.

Retinoic acid is the active form of vitamin A, the form that is actually utilised by the skin. That’s why all variations of vitamin A, including retinol and retinal, must be converted to retinoic acid before they can take effect.

This means that when retinal and retinol are applied to the skin, they join the vitamin A cycle at their respective stages. Retinol must be converted to retinal and then to retinoic acid, whereas retinal only requires one conversion to retinoic acid. Crucially, this last step is extremely rapid compared to the previous conversions which is why  retinal is able to provide such rapid results.

Retinal vs retinol through the years

The importance of vitamin A has been acknowledged for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, liver (a rich source of vitamin A) was used as a routine treatment for those who were visually impaired. But it wasn’t until the early 1960s that dermatologists started to take note of its topical effects. Researchers discovered that retinol could alleviate dry, itchy skin conditions such as dermatitis, and this discovery sparked years of extensive studies and clinical trials.

By 1969, retinol became recognised as an effective acne treatment. Its ability to speed up the skin’s natural exfoliation process, was able to stop pores from becoming blocked and consequently breakouts from forming.

Just 5 years later, dermatologists noticed that acne patients who had been prescribed retinol were receiving anti-ageing benefits as well as clear skin. This is when retinol transitioned from an acne treatment to the gold-standard of anti-ageing.

Retinal has been around just as long as retinol, but it has not been studied to the same extent. This is in large part because it is extremely difficult to stabilise, so until recently it could not be safely formulated in a skincare product. But now, thanks to new developments in the beauty industry, this is no longer the case. Studies shows that retinal has all the benefits of retinal with the added benefit of accelerated action and direct antibacterial activity.

For further enquiries, speak to us about it.


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Clear Skin is a Weighty Issue

“Australians are more concerned about clear skin than about their waistlines, according to a survey conducted by the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia (CPSA) and their cosmetic medicine website Costhetics.

The survey found when it comes to our appearance, Australians are more concerned about their skin tone and texture than they are about their weight. The CPSA survey revealed skin tone and texture, such as redness, sun spots, freckles, pigmentation and complexion, were the most concerning aspects of appearance for the majority of respondents.
The appearance of fine lines ranked second among those surveyed, followed by loss of volume in the face and weight, which were voted equal third.

Respondents aged 21 to 30 nominated skin tone as their number one concern. “While the survey results may surprise some, they’re consistent with what CPSA doctors see their practices. Often, poor quality skin tone, such as blotchy skin, redness and sun spots can be even more ageing than wrinkles, which explains why skin tone rated so highly among respondents,” Dr. Susan Austin from CPSA says.

CPSA members report some of the most prevalent skin-related conditions which Australians present for treatment include acne, Rosacea and pigmentation disorders.”

So if the above skin problems are weighty issues for you, see NEST Skin,Body & Wellbeing for alternative answers to your issues. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Help For Dry Skin With Blackheads By Beauty Salon Taringa - Call Us On 07 3871 0477

Help For Dry Skin With Blackheads

Blackheads are a particular challenge for dry skin types. While exfoliating scrubs and acne medications help reduce them, these products can be irritating as well.


The approach must be a gentle one to get rid of this pesky skin problem. There are several ways to do it:


  • A non-irritating scrub-We offer a very gentle scrub for this skin condition with small, smooth round granules that carefully loosen blackheads. No harsh crushed walnut shells here! Even sensitive skin loves it.


  • Retinol-Use this chemical exfoliant, a derivative of vitamin A, to help unclog pores. As an added benefit, retinol stimulates collagen production, which fights fine lines and sun damage. We’ll create a customised plan on how often to use it.


  • Ceramide Moisturiser- Dry skin magnifies wrinkles, so keep it hydrated. Avoid heavy, greasy moisturisers, as they will aggravate blackheads. We recommend Germaine de Capuccini because it deeply penetrates, replenishing your skin’s natural protective barrier, without clogging your pores.


  • Facials-Balance good home care with the power of professional facials. Used in conjunction with effective home care, facials provide long lasting results.


Professional quality skincare and treatments will get you the rapid results you want!

Speak to NEST Skin, Body & Wellbeing, your beauty salon Taringa on 07 38710477.


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The movie was a real tearjerker and her best friend had the raccoon eyes to prove it. But Jennifer’s eyes were streak free. How did she do it?

How To Avoid The Movie Mascara Streak Up By Beauty Salon Taringa - Call Us On 07 3871 0477

How To Avoid The Movie Mascara Streak Up


With a busy, active lifestyle, Jennifer liked the idea of mascara. She knew it really enhanced her whole eye area but…she just couldn’t make the daily commitment.


That’s when she discovered lash tinting. It was a perfect streak free fit for her. And Jennifer isn’t the only one. We have lots of clients that love the convenience of lash tinting for many reasons.


Some simply don’t want to take the time with mascara even though they know their appearance is more polished with it. Others have an allergy to mascara and can’t use it.


Whatever the reason, lash tinting has saved precious minutes in the morning for many busy women and given their appearance more polish.


A vegetable dye applied just once every 3-4 weeks in less than 30 minutes, lash tinting is a safe, practical alternative to mascara.


You’ll never have to worry about chick flick tearjerkers again. Ask us about it today!

Call NEST Skin, Body & Wellbeing, your beauty salon Taringa, on 07 38710477.

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How “Mild” Soaps Wreck Your Skin By Beauty Salon Taringa – Call Us On 07 3871 0477

How “Mild” Soaps Wreck Your Skin By Beauty Salon Taringa - Call Us On 07 3871 0477

How “Mild” Soaps Wreck Your Skin

Your skin is a work of art!

It has been specially designed by Mother Nature with several different acids to make sure that nasty bacteria are not absorbed.

That’s why it’s so important to have the right kind of cleanser for your skin type.  So-called mild skin care soaps are more alkaline.

These really dry out your skin, compromising its ability to effectively do its job.

What Is pH Balanced?

Soap manufacturers will often label a product as “pH balanced.” But what is the pH? Unless that information is given, the claim is just a marketing ploy.

It’s like saying your automobile gets good gas mileage. Well, what exactly is good gas mileage?

Too much acidity or alkalinity can disrupt the acid mantle, (your skin’s barrier) causing it to be much more susceptible to damage and dryness.

This is also true with hand soaps. That’s why your hands dry out after use. Your cleanser needs to be alkaline enough to remove dirt and make-up, but not cause dryness.

Skin is ever changing. That means that as you age, the pH changes, too. Some skin conditions actually raise the level of alkalinity, like eczema and dermatitis. That’s where we come in!

If you feel your skin care just isn’t performing the way it used to, it’s time to get a professional skin analysis with us.

Our highly trained aestheticians will match the right cleanser for your skin type. And that means balanced and glowing skin!
How “Mild” Soaps Wreck Your Skin By Beauty Salon Taringa – Call Us On 07 3871 0477

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PRODUCT focus:
It is never too early to start your “Anti-Ageing” Regime

Our focus this week is on our lifting line, GDC’s Timexpert Lift helps to prevent the loss of facial volume to maintain the facial definition of a younger skin. In a unique and personalised way this line will stimulate the adipocytes (the fat cells) of the face to keep the lips plump, the the cheeks “perky” and the skin looking youthful.

Speak to NEST Skin, Body & Wellbeing, your local beauty salon in Taringa for a true solution.


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Skin Focus at NEST Skin, Body & Wellbeing, the best beauty salon in Taringa:

Effects on the Skin and Best Products to Use?

Autumn is a great time of year to reinforce the skin’s defenses and build back the protection barrier of our skin.
Summer has bought with it exposure to UV rays, lack of sleep, stress, pollution, etc – Skin is exposed to thousands of external aggressions. Free radicals are responsible for giving the skin a dull tone, reducing firmness, luminosity and vitality and make it prone to premature ageing.

One of my favorite ranges for increasing the defense of the skin is EXCEL THERAPY 02 because it activates and reinforces the skin’s defenses thanks to a mix of ingredients including Hyaluronic acid and Milk protein.

My absolute “must have” product for this time of year is EXCEL THERAPY 02 “Hydration prep lotion”, we recommend it to be applied to the skin with the hands, I love this one because you feel a slight tingling sensation due to the quality of the hyaluronic acid and I also love it because it leaves my skin plump and dewy and I don’t have to use as much moisturiser!! Excel O2 has the complete range of products to Cleanse, Tone and Nourish the Skin and its perfect for preparing it for the winter months.

For any additional information please contact NEST Skin, Body & Wellbeing, the beauty salon in Taringa, on 07 38710477.

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I always look forward to treatments at NEST. Their service, atmosphere, and professional manner are fantastic. I particularly value the quality of the products used at the salon. Leaving feeling refreshed, calm, and pampered goes without saying at NEST. I highly recommend the NEST experience.

HB from Graceville

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