It happens to all of us. You get caught up in all the responsibilities of life and neglect your skin. Suddenly you notice it looks dull and your make-up  “grabs.” That means adding more primer and more make-up to even it out.


How To Get Glowing Skin

How To Get Glowing Skin

Not fun.


Time to get back on track! Here are a few tips that will take you from dull to glow in no time.


  • Exfoliate regularly. We can’t stress this enough. It’s the most overlooked anti-aging strategy ever. Exfoliating removes dull, flaky skin making it look younger, brighter and softer.


  • Stay hydrated.  Skip the colas and grab water instead. Skin cells need water to stay healthy, so drink up! Experts recommend at least two liters each day.


  • Get some sleep. Whatever it is, it can wait until tomorrow. Your skin repairs and renews itself at night. Go for 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to keep under eye bags and dull skin from greeting you in the morning.


  • Get your omegas. However you do it, through softgels or eating oily fish like salmon, get omega fatty acids in your diet. These little wonders assist your cells in repair, reduce inflammation and help your skin retain moisture.


That wasn’t so hard, was it? And you’ll love the results!


A good defence

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When is the best attack a good defence for our skin?

Watch this:   https://vimeo.com/226860316/93e8627d65


Ask us about our brand NEW 1st Defence Serum!

An intelligent pre-serum with Triple Anti-pollution Shielding to protect your skin from air, domestic and UV pollution. 1st Essence prevents toxins penetrating into your skin, strengthens your skin’s immune defences and enhances the effects of products applied afterward. Perfect for all skin types, should be applied prior to the cream or as a pre-serum – so before any other serum.

How it works

External protection:  Biocompatible polysaccharides provide an invisible protective shield that prevents harmful, toxic particles from the air, UV light (including HEV light from electronic screens) and domestic products from penetrating into your skin.

Internal protection:  A Probiotic Complex balances your skin’s micro flora and enhances its protective function; while Niacinamide, Vitamin B3, repairs your skin’s barrier reinforcing its immune system and slowing the ageing process.

Product enhancer: 1st Essence can be used as a serum (for younger skin) OR pre-serum (for maturer skin) to enhance the effects of any products applied afterwards. It works to ‘trap’ the active ingredients therefore increasing their performance by maximising their adsorption.


What facial treatment can you have to further defend your skin?


What is it? 
It’s a professional treatment designed with a TRIPLE ACTION –
Anti-Pollution defense / Oxygenation / Immune Building (probiotic)

Treatment time: 60 minutes which includes:

  • Pure 02 Recharge-  An innovative oxygenating mask that changes from blue into a white bubbly foam, providing more intensive effects that traditional oxygen therapy.
  • City Skin Recovery Cream– an awesome facial massage divided in two phases using anti-stress and energising movements
  • High Performance City Mask – An innovative micro-crystal silver mask with “dual-matrix” technology. It consists of two layers: the inner part is made up of cellulose fibres that release the powerful concentrate of ingredients and activates the skin’s immune defences. The outer part, a thin silver sheet made up of micro-crystals, creates an insulating barrier that penetrates the ingredients deep into the skin.

For all skins especially…..

  • Stressed and fatigued skin (inc ones with breakouts)
  • Signs of pre-mature ageing
  • Lack of vitality and dull appearance

Key ingredients that make it work?

  • Life Cytoxygen (encapsulated 02) – work from your skin’s surface to the deepest layers, instantly improving its functions and keeping the cells in peak performance
  • MPC Defence Complex – Intelligent cytokins that assess your skin’s functions and work to improve it, including ensuring fibroblasts are spread out in the dermis for even distribution of collagen and elastin.
  • Anti Pollution Complex – made up of biocompatible polysaccharides which create a protective bubble over your skin to reduce damage caused by pollution and UV exposure.


  • Increased vitality and luminosity
  • Detoxified and decongested
  • Healthier and hydrated






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When you’re constantly on the go with deadlines and obligations, it’s really easy to skip your own self-care, but we’ve got a better idea!


A Busy Woman’s Guide To Skincare

A Busy Woman’s Guide To Skincare

Instead of skipping it, streamline it to make your skincare routine work for you! Just stick to the basics:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Moisturize

With our complimentary skin consult, we can find out exactly what your skin is asking for. (Spoiler alert: sometimes your skin is begging for help!)


We’ll share with you how our potent product line will give you quicker, more effective results than drugstore brands. That means your investment of time and money go way further.


And if you’re looking for anti-aging products? We’ll make sure those products are multi-taskers just like you!


With a just a few steps (not many, right?), we can get your skin glowing and turning back the clock at the same time. Best of all, if you have questions, we’re a phone call or email away.


You CAN save time and look youthful. Ready?

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Bismuth Oxychloride is a chemical element that chemically resembles arsenic and antimony. Bismuth is heavy and brittle and has a silvery white color with a pink tinge. Bismuth compounds are used in cosmetics, medicines, and in medical procedures and skin and respiratory irritation can follow exposure.

Bismuth is a byproduct that results from the processing of lead and copper. Bismuth Oxychloride is found in cosmetics where it is used to fill or “bulk up” or bind products. It is well documented that Bismuth Oxychloride is a skin irritant and can cause itching and rashes. In large amounts it can cause cystic acne as well…a key reason to avoid any products that have Bismuth Oxychloride if you already have acne or any other skin issues including rosacea or even sensitive skin.

Many of the biggest cosmetics companies have products that contain bismuth. Although they have huge budgets for marketing and television commercials, they have products that still contain this potentially toxic ingredient. In fact, larger companies are often more concerned with their bottom line than they are with you and may use bismuth or inexpensive fillers and ingredients in their makeup to bulk up the product or enhance its visual appeal. The bottom line…it is well known that Bismuth Oxychloride may cause skin irritation…please do not use products that contain this potentially harmful ingredient.

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What is Better than Botox?

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What is Better than Botox?

It is our Germaine de Capuccini’s instant lasting revolutionary anti-ageing facial treatment called “Better  Than Botox.

Advanced Correcting Programme for Lines and Wrinkles

Germaine de Capuccini, the leading luxury Spanish spa and skincare brand has been the secret of thousands of European spa goers for over 49 years. This exquisite collection and treatments sold in thousands of Spa’s in more than 85 countries all over the world, are now available at NEST Skin, Body & Wellbeing, your beauty salon in Taringa.

Offering guaranteed results Germaine de Capuccini’s commitment to premium quality means its treatments and skincare products are subject to exhaustive effectiveness testing and quality controls. Each development is overseen by physicians and aestheticians to achieve a balance between beauty and wellbeing.

Germaine de Capuccini has an immense range, a veritable candy shop of premium beauty, spa and men’s grooming products that includes products and professional treatments for the face and body and collections that include solar, make up, aromachology, fragrances and a divine spa division

The quest for youth is a journey that will never end, and with the current advancements in anti-ageing treatments, an eternally youthful complexion is achievable.  Botox and filler injections seem to be the choice of treatment, but what if you are needle phobic, but still want the results?

Germaine de Capuccini’s “Better than Botox” treatment is the solution. Instant – Lasting – Revolutionary

Inspired by micro-injections this fabulous treatment is a fast and effective solution to facial wrinkles, especially expression wrinkles. Germaine de Capuccini’s unique peptide formula, Micro-Dermoxine, corrects and fills in expression lines, relaxes facial tensions, diminishes the depth and length of wrinkles and improves the skin’s suppleness and firmness to prevent further development of wrinkles. The result is a smoother skin with a vibrant and youthful glow that you will notice immediately.

How does it work?

The treatment is based on 2 peptides; one peptide works by minimising the contraction of the muscle (similar to Botox) and the other peptide fills the line (like collagen injections). It also contains soy bean seed extract which brings the bounce back into the skin so the results are plump, dewy baby skin!

Why wait? See NEST Skin, Body & Wellbeing, your beauty salon in Taringa,  for the “Better Than Botox” facial treatment – you would simply be amazed. Call us on 07 38710477 today.


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Make Your Skin Glow All Year Round

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Our skin is affected by the seasons, so we have to cater its different needs throughout the year.

This means your skincare regimen will change as the seasons do.

There are several things you can do to get glowing skin.

– Regularly get facials.
– Use retinoids to keep pores clear and skin smooth.
– Mild chemical peels exfoliate dull, dry summer skin, accelerating new skin growth.
– Brown spots will fade with IPL treatments
– Laser will tighten skin that was over exposed to the sun.

Turn up your skin’s glow regardless of the season—and get rid of dull, damaged skin with luscious skin care treatments.

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How To Do Away With Stretch Marks

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How To Do Away With Stretch Marks

How To Do Away With Stretch Marks

Who doesn’t want to be rid of stretch marks? They can make you feel self-conscious and unattractive!

Certainly, there are remedies for this side effect of pregnancy and rapid weight loss, but can you actually get rid of them?

While stretch marks are indeed difficult to erase, you most certainly can greatly reduce their appearance to almost nothing. And yes, while this is good news, the really great news is this:

A non-invasive, incredibly safe, Nobel Prize winning therapy leads the field in vastly reducing the appearance of unsightly stretch marks.

LED technology is an acclaimed and documented therapy. In 1903, Dr. Niels Finsen, won a Nobel Prize for his work with LED and tuberculosis.

Researchers at NASA later discovered its skin rejuvenation benefits through plant experiments. Research showed LED sped up the healing of injuries from astronauts in outer space.

And now you get to benefit from this natural and safe therapy, too! Here’s how it works.

  • LED uses low intensity light emitting diodes (LED) to reach the deep layers of your skin.
  • LED accelerates skin repair by promoting the production of collagen
  • LED pulls collagen to the surface to fill in lines and wrinkles (laser can’t do that!)

Even though LED technology is 3X brighter than the sun, it does NOT burn the skin. Instead, it works on a cellular level to repair the damage. Your old stretch marks, once silvery, return to their healthy color, looking much like the surrounding skin.

Strong enough to repair damaged tissues, but not to harm them in any way, LED gives you complete peace of mind and no visible stretch marks!

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Buying Minutes With Sunscreen

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Buying Minutes With Sunscreen

Buying Minutes With Sunscreen

We all have different levels of tolerance for sunlight before our skin starts to burn. Some can be as short as 10 minutes, while others can last out in the sun for up to an hour.

Once that limit has been reached, you’re literally buying minutes while you’re still under the sun’s harmful rays.

Unfortunately, most people think the only thing you need to do is put on some sunscreen and they’re free to spend as much time in the sun as they want to.

The truth is sunscreen comes with a built-in set of minutes.

To get the most minutes out of your sunscreen, use this formula:

Your maximum time in the sun without burning x the SPF number= safe sun minutes

So if you have fair skin, you may have 10 minutes in the sun before your skin starts turning pink. If the SPF on your sunscreen is 30, multiply that and you’ll have 300 safe sun minutes.

However, if you’re swimming, sweating, or towel-drying frequently, cut the number of safe minutes in HALF.

Don’t let your sun time run out before buying more minutes! Stay safe. Use your sunscreen wisely.

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What Does Skin Crave For?

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What Does Skin Crave For?

What Does Skin Crave For?

We often hear complaints from women who take meticulous care of their skin but still have skin problems.

Some says their skin looks greasy though it feels tight. Others say moisturizers make their dry skin worse. And some with oily skin complain of too much oil.

All of these gripes have one common factor. Each person used over-the-counter products to try and treat their skin condition.

Drugstore products have a fixed formula and dosage. But not everyone has the same skin types or the same problems with their skin.

In order to get the proper treatment for your skin condition, you need to have a professional take a look at it. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it’s complicated! So having a highly trained aesthetician conduct an analysis will help immensely.

Skin craves ceramides, essential fatty acids, hyaluronic acid, and sodium PCA, (an amino acid derivative). But please, take note:

You have to know which one (or more) works best for your skin type and apply it in the right amounts.

Secondly, even if you do guess correctly about your skin condition, drugstore products simply do not have the potency of our professional line.

There is a secret to unlocking the natural beauty of your skin. Whether you have oily, dry, mature, or combination skin; pay attention to the symptoms. It’s your skin telling you what it needs.

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Let’s Get That Weight Off Your Shoulders

Let’s Get That Weight Off Your Shoulders

You might feel like the world is against you, that everyone else has control over your life but you.

Work deadlines, family responsibilities, not to mention the pressure you put on yourself, all that stress add up and wreak havoc on your mind and body.

And stress never stops! You may think you can live with it, but your body spends every minute trying to balance out systems that are totally out of whack. You can get insomnia, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, and be more susceptible to illness.

Stress makes your heart work harder. Breathing becomes more rapid and shallow; digestion slows. In fact, nearly every body process is degraded because of it.

Unfortunately, you can’t turn off stress, but you can do something lessen it. Take control of your health by including massage as part of your self-care plan.

Massage is a stress therapy. That “limp as dishrag” feeling you get after a massage is the feeling of stress being released, repairing the damage that every day stress causes.

Massage has also been clinically proven to:

  • Reduce cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for that tummy you can’t get rid of.
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Increase circulation and oxygen, which improves mental clarity

The National Institute Of Health and the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry both published studies demonstrating the positive effects of massage on stress and anxiety.

Lose that weight off of your shoulders and book yourself in for a much-needed massage today.

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I always look forward to treatments at NEST. Their service, atmosphere, and professional manner are fantastic. I particularly value the quality of the products used at the salon. Leaving feeling refreshed, calm, and pampered goes without saying at NEST. I highly recommend the NEST experience.

HB from Graceville

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