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Medik8 Skincare Biotechnology

As an innovative brand, Medik8 uses unique technologies to deliver advance skincare with

proven benefits for the skin. From active ingredients to time release delivery systems,

Medik8 products combine the best available technology to deliver long lasting and visible results.

Suitable for men and women of all skin types.



Face cleansing is fundamental for maintaining healthy skin and enhancing its reception of active ingredients.

Medik8 cleansers are available for all skin types including sensitive skin. Using mild surfactants (cleansing agents) derived from corn, sugar and coconut oil; Medik8 cleansers do not contain SLES (or similar harsh sulphate detergents), Petrochemicals or Paraben preservatives ensuring a very gentle action yet remarkably deep clean with effective make-up removal.

1. Gentle Cleanse – Mild Foaming Cleanser

A delicate non-exfoliating, yet deeply purifying, rosemary infused foaming wash suitable for all skin types. This mild foaming cleanser removes impurities without stripping the skin’s natural moisture: leaving even the most sensitive skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

2. Pore Cleanse Gel – Pore refining cleansing gel

Extremely mild but highly purifying foam wash suitable for sensitive oily and congested skin types. Formulated with chirally correct L-mandelic acid and anti-bacterial tea tree oil, Pore Cleanse Gel provides optimal, yet gentle exfoliation to unclog pores, release trapped sebum, tackle blackheads and other impurities as well as sloughing off dead skin cells.

3. Cream Cleanse – Gently Exfoliating Cream Cleanser

Suitable for normal to dry skin whether mature or not. A wonderfully silky-smooth, gently exfoliating cream cleanser to remove everyday build-up, impurities and make up. It contains unique lipid soluble AHA L-mandelic acid, hydrators like natural glycerin and cocoa seed butter plus calming organic sweet orange oil.

4. eyeCleanse – Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Powerful yet gentle eye makeup remover with a unique micellar cleansing system to remove even the toughest waterproof mascara, without drying-out the delicate skin around the eyes. Chamomile and cornflower help to soothe and nourish the delicate eye area while hyaluronic acid hydrates and conditions both skin and eyelashes.

5. Pore Refining Toner Hydrating Skin Balancer

A hydrating alcohol-free skin balancer that is exceptionally gentle matching the pH of the skin. Its soothing and hydrating formulation works to comfort sensitive skin, making it suitable for all skin types.

6. Pore Refining Scrub – Dual Action Exfoliator

Dual action scrub that gently exfoliates and polishes away dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and soft. Contains L-Mandelic Acid, a gentle form of AHA to minimise irritation and a combination of hydroxy acids to loosen skin cells, washing away the dirt and the dead skin cells; promoting the natural renewal of healthy skin cells.

7. clayMask – Easy to Remove Pore Refining Mask

A purifying clay mask designed to reduce the appearance of pore size to leave the skin purified, refreshed, soft and glowing. A mask rich in natural clay to draw out impurities and to absorb excess oil, and help prevent pore clogging. Plant extracts provide soothing and healing benefits. Infused with antioxidants, clayMask also promotes skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing benefits.



Medik8 revolutionary antioxidant serums help combat sun-induced and environmental free-radical damage to the skin. Vitamin C has been shown to trigger collagen synthesis, increase the skin’s elasticity and density as well as improve the skin’s texture and brighten the complexion, whilst preventing skin photo-aging, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

1. C-Tetra Cream – A silky fast-absorbing Vitamin C Day Cream.

This anti-oxidant cream energises tired skin, helps prevent premature skin ageing, brightens the complexion and restores radiance.

2. C-Tetra – Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum.

Four times more activity than regular vitamin C, this highly stable lipid-formula has no skin irritation and penetrates in seconds. Once absorbed it cannot be washed off. Contains 3% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate and natural vitamin E for enhanced ‘network antioxidant’ activity. Perfect for users who are new to this ingredient.

3. CE-Tetra – Pro-Collagen Vitamin C Serum.                                        

Four times more activity than regular vitamin C, this highly stable lipid-formula has no skin irritation and penetrates in seconds. Once absorbed it cannot be washed off. Contains 7% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate and natural vitamin E for enhanced ‘network antioxidant’ activity. Enhances sunscreen protection against free-radical damage. This formula is for people at any age who are seeking a higher strength Vitamin C serum.                                                                                    

4. CE-Thione – Rechargeable Vitamin C Serum.

Potent Vitamin C is clinically proven to have anti-ageing benefits. CE-Thione helps protect the skin against free radicals (the main cause of photo-ageing), while minimising the formation of dark spots for a visibly brighter skin tone and an improved texture and firmness. Unlike any other Vitamin C serum, CE-Thione uses our trademark Rechargeable Vitamin C™ concept to ensure every drop of Vitamin C in the serum is fresh and highly potent, ensuring you get the results that Vitamin C can deliver.

5. Firewall Anti-Ageing Serum – Mineral Antioxidant Serum

An all-in-one powerful and stable antioxidant serum that neutralises a broad spectrum of free-radicals, and acts in unison with sunscreens to protect collagen and elastin while stimulating new collagen production, providing an indispensable weapon against skin photo-ageing. Firewall helps restore the natural glow to the skin as well as improves skin tone, roughness and hydration levels. Firewall is the first step to maintaining younger looking skin.


Medik8 Correct Range is an innovative collection of treatment products, formulated to help restore youthfulness to the skin. Retinol products address skin ageing causes, including photo-ageing and collagen damage. Melanin inhibitors combat hyperpigmentation. Telomere extenders tackle redness and Peptide fragments engage dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Medik8 Correct products go to work on signs of skin ageing.

1. Retinol Eye TR – Under-Eye Night Serum.

An Advanced Time Release Vitamin A Eye Night Serum with molecular film delivery system. Contains highly stable, pure, encapsulated all-trans retinol at 0.1% concentration with a powder dry finish. This unique time-release formula helps stop the skin irritation associated with regular retinol products.

2. Retinol 1 TR – Vitamin A Renewal Cream (0.1% Retinol)

A luxurious Vitamin A (Retinol) night cream that is highly effective and fast absorbent. Helps combat visible signs of ageing such as fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. Ideal for those who are new to retinol.

3. Retinol 3 TR – Advanced Night Serum (0.3% Retinol).                             

Retinol 3 TR Advanced Night Serum has unique time-release technology ensuring the anti-ageing benefits of pure retinol without the irritation and peeling associated with regular retinol products. Contains highly stable, pure, encapsulated all-trans retinol at 0.3% concentration.

4. Retinol 6 TR – Advanced Night Serum

Light super-fast absorbing vitamin A serum that rejuvenates skin at its most optimal time – at night. Contains 0.6% retinol supported by vitamin E to stimulate the production of collagen and increase levels of epidermal hyaluronic acid, thereby improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in targeted areas. Skin sagginess, roughness and hyperpigmentation are also improved; leading to a more youthful skin appearance.

5. Retinol 10 TR Balm – Advanced Night Balm

Rich yet super-fast absorbing vitamin A balm that rejuvenates skin at its most optimal time – at night. Contains 1% retinol supported by vitamin E that helps stimulate the production of collagen and increase levels of epidermal hyaluronic acid, thereby improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots in targeted areas; leading to a more youthful skin appearance.

6. Retinol 10 TR™ Serum – Advanced Night Serum

A light, fast absorbing vitamin A serum that helps rejuvenate skin at its most optimal time – at night. Contains 1% Retinol supported by vitamin to stimulate the production of collagen and increase levels of epidermal Hyaluronic Acid; improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Skin sagginess, roughness and hyperpigmentation are also improved; leading to a more youthful skin appearance. The serum provides an easy, all-over application so skin feels soft and hydrated.

7. C-Retionate – Youth Activating Cream

A light cream-serum texture with a very light but appealing scent, r-Retinoate® is non-oily, fast absorbing and pleasantly moisturising to address all signs of skin ageing. It contains a new retinoid molecule called retinyl retinoate. This ingredient has been proven to produce 8 times more collagen in the skin. Ideal for those who are concerned with photo-damaged, enlarged pores and deep set wrinkles due to UV radiation.



Fact: Approximately 70% of ageing is through free radical damage, and 30% through the glycation process (where sugar that we eat reacts with proteins in the body to create Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs for short) that cause an ageing effect).

Medik8 moisturisers are able to target specific anti-dryness solutions to help prevent moisture loss which enrich and protect the skin.

1. Hydr8™ Day 360 – Total Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

A light and powerful revitalising daily moisturiser that helps combat skin ageing. Advanced ingredients reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection helps prevent skin ageing. It leaves a matte, powder dry finish for all skin types. Rated at SPF 15 for everyday protection and rejuvenation.

2. Hydr8 Night – Advanced Antioxidant Cream

A rich, yet fast-absorbing restorative night-time moisturiser to provide ultimate hydration for tired or environmentally compromised skin. Hydr8 Night is replete with superior anti-ageing actives such as Resveratrol for cell longevity, Beta-Glucan for skin texture renewal and the botanical antioxidants Passionflower and Valerian. These help reverse the signs of skin ageing and restore a healthy, radiant complexion overnight. Suitable for all skin types.

3. Hydr8 B5 Serum – Skin Hydration Serum

This lightweight and easily-absorbed hydrating gel-serum delivers skin-softening pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and moisture-enhancing hyaluronic acid to produce rapid and significant improvements in the general condition and feel of the skin. Exhibits excellent water-retaining properties to quench your skin and provide 24 hours of nonstop hydration. Can be used day and/or night to soften and smooth the skin or for optimal renewal and protection of the skin.

4. Ultimate Recovery – Advanced Repair Cream

An intensive restorative cream suitable for very dry and compromised skin. A rich nourishing cream that helps restore the skin barrier function and dramatically improve its appearance. It stimulates rapid proliferation of epithelial cells & promotes collagen synthesis. Perfluorodecalin helps to increase the oxygen level in the skin to allow better healing process. Ultimate Recovery absorbs quickly while providing a protective soothing layer to the skin.

5. Glow Oil – Facial Oil With Vitamin C

An ultra-silky, beautifully fragranced dry facial oil which helps to instantly hydrate, nourish and enrich dry, flaky skin. Glow Oil contains 12 essential oils which help to revitalise dull, dehydrated and tired skin, with powerful antioxidants that boost and enhance skin texture to improve barrier function. The blend of natural essential oils, which includes hydrating Rose Otto Oil and Cinnamon Leaf Oil ensure the skin is nourished and refreshed. Glow Oil contains a Vitamin C derivative to help combat sun-induced damage as well as improve the skin’s texture and brighten the complexion.



Medik8 Redness Solution has been developed to minimise the symptoms associated with redness conditions. This range has been specially formulated to help minimise irritation, inflammation, redness and skin reactivity.

Recommended for:

  • Hypersensitive and reactive skin
  • Redness
  • Thread veins
  • Visible capillary vessels

1. Red Alert Cleanse – Anti-Redness Foaming Cleanser.

Ultra gentle and calming foaming cleanser suitable for skin prone to ultra-sensitivity and redness. Infused with patented Teprenone to manage redness, vitamin K to promote healing of capiliary walls and soothing organic orange oil to reduce irritation and hypersensitivity.

2. Red Alert Serum   – Anti-Redness Serum.                            

Provides intensive, calming relief for redness and flare-ups caused by skin hypersensitivity. Helps the skin combat daily environmental stress, improves the lipid barrier of the skin and visibly reduces the signs of skin ageing. The formula reduces surface irritations and helps to restore damaged skin.

3. Redness Corrector – Advanced Neutralising Cream

Redness Corrector was formulated as a complete ‘anti-redness’ product with 6 targeted actions to instantly reduce redness, treat inflammation, and prevent the appearance of future breakouts. Redness Corrector helps redness associated with: sensitivity or reactivity, rosacea, hormonal change, broken capillaries and thread veins. It also reduces the burning sensation and skin discomfort associated with redness. Finally, it prevents future reactions by reducing skin reactivity, so it appears much clearer and stays clearer! The formula also provides instant coverage as mineral green pigments counterbalance the red discoloration.



Fact: Overproduction of oil, irregular shedding of dead skin cells and the build-up of bacteria all contribute to blemishes.

Medik8 Beta range targets skin breakouts, speeds up healing process and reduces post-inflammatory scarring. This Beta range will help you fight effectively against:

  • Shiny and oily skin
  • Blocked pores
  • Blackheads and whiteheads

Medik8 Beta range combined treatment approach ensures that all 3 causes of blemished skin are effectively tackled at once and also helps to prevent the appearance of new ones.

1. Beta Cleanse – Anti-Bacterial Exfoliating Foaming Wash

Designed for Problem Skin. Designed specifically for acneic and problem skin, Beta Cleanse has the latest anti-acne actives incorporated into one formula. The clever self-foaming pump removes the need to vigorously rub the skin to generate lather and so stops disruption. Beta Cleanse provides deep cleansing, antibacterial action and gentle exfoliation. Incorporating salicylic acid, vitamin B3 complex (niacinamide), L-mandelic acid, chlohexadine gluconate and tea tree oil to actively combat acne breakouts and blackheads.

2. Blemish AOX – Oil Free Antioxidant Gel

A powerful, advanced and stable antioxidant system delivered in a lightweight and 100% oil-free serum. Formulated with chirally correct copper PCA, it has optimum antioxidant performance, 40 times greater than that of regular L-ascorbic acid. The skin is shielded from harmful free-radicals and environmental damage and protected against premature ageing. Boosted with beta-glucan and niacinamide, which works in unison to increase the skin’s ability to repair itself, keeping the skin functioning at its best. This dual performance serum helps to protect and maintain collagen levels to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, whilst assisting in reinforcing the skin’s mechanisms to maintain a youthful appearance.

3. Beta Gel – betaGelTM Blemish Gel

betaGel™ is a fusion of spot-fighting active ingredients that deliver quick results. betaGel™ is a daily on-the spot treatment gel that starts clearing blemishes upon application whilst preventing new blemishes from appearing.

4. Beta Moisturise – Skin Balancing Mattifying Hydrator

Beta Moisturise contains an optimised combination of active ingredients to provide continuous hydration and anti-inflammatory properties whilst controlling shine and oil production. This daily moisturiser works with the skin’s natural mechanisms to maintain hydration levels whilst ensuring a mattifying effect. A powerful formula containing prebiotics and probiotics to stimulate the balance of the skin; helping to eliminate blemish-causing bacteria and therefore minimising outbreaks. Cinnamon extract promotes a clear complexion; regulating sebum levels and boosting defences to prevent future breakouts.

5. Blemish Control Pads – Alcohol-free Blemish Treatment

An effective alcohol-free blemish treatment formulated to improve the appearance of problematic skin and help prevent future breakouts. Containing the maximum strength of 2% Salicylic Acid will help to not only exfoliate the skin but also penetrate deep into pores to dissolve oil. Allantoin and Glycerin will help to reduce inflammation and maintain skin hydration which makes this product suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.



Medik8 pigmentation range targets all types of skin discolouration; dark spots, age spots, freckles, blotchiness, sun damage and uneven skin tone. Medik8 patented pigmentation formula in White Balance Click effectively targets all 7 routes to brightening and provides an effective solution against all types of pigmentation.

1. White Balance Click™ – Intense Brightening Serum

White Balance Click is a super-silky serum with kojic acid when applied regularly, visibly improves the overall skin tone. It works on localised pigmented areas and also helps to prevent the appearance of future dark spots. The skin will look visibly brighter and more radiant.

2. White Balance™ Click Oxy-R – Ultra Brightening Serum

White Balance Click Oxy-R is a silky serum containing a unique ingredient called Oxyresveratrol (Oxy-R™). This active ingredient specifically helps minimise skin pigmentation; reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone and improving the overall appearance of sun-damaged skin. The formula contains 10 carefully chosen active ingredients in a patent-pending solution to help reduce skin pigmentation as well as providing the feeling of immediate hydration.

3. White Balance Duo – Anti-pigmentation system

Contains White Balance Day™ Cream and White Balance Night™ Cream.

A rich fast-absorbing duo of moisturisers combining both brightening and anti-ageing benefits. Working in conjunction with White Balance Click, they deliver long lasting and visible lightening benefits to the skin. The day formula has sun protection with its wonderfully light texture; provides instant brightening benefits thanks to light reflective pigments. Whilst melanin production continues as you sleep, the night formula carries on working, lightening skin colour and creating an even skin tone. Perfect for all skin types.



Did you know that the skin around the eyes is 3–5 times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face at around 0.35mm. This makes it more prone to damage than other skin on your face.

Medik8 extensive research into ingredient technology has enable formulations to most advanced eye care products.

1. Dark Circles – Anti-Ageing Twin Peptide Under-Eye Dark Circle Formula.                                         Dramatically reduces dark circles and unsightly puffiness around the eyes. Strengthens the connective tissue and improves blood haemodynamics and microcirculation. Also reduces the proteolytic breakdown of the collagen and elastin matrix. Free-radical presence is also reduced.

2. Eyelift – Age-Defying Eye Firming Gel

An intensive cream-serum formula to combat wrinkles and loss of firmness around the eyes. Peptide rich formula specifically developed for delicate under-eye skin. Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes creating a lifting and awakening effect. Filling lines and wrinkles as well as reducing dark shades and puffiness under the eyes without drastic measures. This award-winning formula is unrivalled in its concentration and variety of actives.

3. Retinol Eye TR – Under-Eye Night Serum

An advanced time-release vitamin A eye night serum with molecular film delivery system. Contains highly stable, pure, encapsulated all-trans retinol at 0.1% concentration with a powder dry finish. Retinol Eye TR is a supreme age-defence serum charged with a multitude of benefits to provide the eye area with a bright, vivid, revitalised appearance. Helps stimulate the production of collagen and increases levels of epidermal hyaluronic acid, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in targeted areas. Skin sagginess, roughness and hyperpigmentation are also improved; leading to a more youthful skin appearance.

4. Hydr8™ Night Eye – Vitamin-Rich Eye Cream

Hydr8 Night Eye is Medik8’s first rich eye cream specifically for night application, with key active vitamin A (retinol) to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The formula has been designed for the delicate eye area, with a beautiful, elegant moisturising texture. It contains proven ingredients to address all signs of under eye skin ageing overnight.

Designed for those who are looking for an effective anti-ageing night cream and those seeking an under eye retinol cream as well as intense hydration. It helps to fill lines and wrinkles as well as reducing dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Hydr8 Night Eye is part of the Skin Ageing solution.

5. Full Lash & Brow Duo™ – Advanced serum

A targeted, crystal clear serum that contains active ingredients which help to maintain healthy hair growth for both eyelashes and eyebrows. Provides healthier, fuller looking eyelashes and eyebrows without irritating the eyes.

In a convenient dual-ended tube, the eyelash side features a fine paintbrush which gives a precise application to the lash root. For eyebrows, there is a shortened mascara wand so the powerful serum can be brushed directly onto the eyebrow.

Helps maximise growth for visibly fuller, longer and darker-looking eyelashes and eyebrows. Nourishes, conditions and protects eyelashes and eyebrows.



Unique body treatment with products that make a difference.

1. Hydr8 Body – Skin Rehydration Formula

A fresh, silky body cream to intensely condition and re-hydrate dry and chapped skin. Ideal for applying after sun exposure, or on skin exposed to the daily elements of air conditioned offices and drying winter winds. Or simply to keep your skin well hydrated and nourished all year long. Hydr8™ Body protects your skin from dehydration and nourishes the epidermis with a combination of shea and cocoa butters, Medik8 Moisture Magnets™, plus high concentrations of natural glycerin transforming skin feel into a silky texture you have to experience to believe. It leaves the skin wonderfully supple, well nourished, subtly glowing and lightly scented.

2. Hydr8™ B5 Hand Cream – Hand Cream SPF 15

A rich hand treatment with deep hydration technology that restores moisture and elasticity in dry damaged or chapped hands. It quickly absorbs to keep your skin supple and hydrated without leaving a greasy feeling. The multiple levels of protection it offers, protects our hands from external aggressions like sun damage and pollution. Achieving protection with broad spectrum SPF 15 (UVA & UVB filters), it protects against visible premature ageing caused by sun damage.


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