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Ever wondered what is the next lunar Chinese calender, when is it and the significance of it for Chinese?

It is  ging to be on Sunday, February 10th 2013. Chinese people all over the world will say goodbye to the Dragon and welcome the New Year of the Snake, one of the twelve animals inhabiting the Chinese zodiac. While in Western Culture the snake often represents betrayal and evil, in Chinese culture it quite surprisingly is a symbol of wisdom and kindness. According to an old Chinese saying “A snake in the house means the family will never starve” – so the snake is seen as a good omen instead of a horrible pest. The shedding of snake’s skin denotes renewal and rebirth in life, and it is believed that those coming in contact with a person born in the snake year will gain greater vitality and energy. In mythology, the snake represents healing and renewal, so the Year of the Snake is a good time for inward reflection and transformation through release of past blockages.