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We love microdermabrasion as do thousands of people around the world. Extremely safe, this age-defying treatment is convenient, non-invasive and gets remarkable results in as little as one treatment.

However, there are some conditions that microdermabrasion cannot treat such as broken blood vessels, spider veins, acne, and rosacea. It simply wasn’t designed to.

But here’s the really interesting part. Even though microdermabrasion can’t treat those skin conditions, it amplifies the ability of other treatments to do so!

For example,  Photo-Bio-Stimulation (PBS) and chemical peels work more efficiently. The reason is simple. Exfoliating and vacuuming away dirt, debris, dead skin, clogged pores, and the like, allows treatments to do their job more easily, giving you the results you want.

Problem conditions like broken blood vessels, spider veins and rosacea respond in record time. The results are amazing!

Of course PBS uses “cell-specific” wavelengths during treatment and it can access targeted photoreceptors, inducing a therapeutic photo response that improves blemishes, pigmentation, redness and wrinkles. So you can imagine how quickly they respond with both microdermabrasion and Photo-Bo-Stimulation!

The same is true for chemical peels. Essentially, you’re getting a double exfoliation. The first, with microdermabrasion, suctions away surface imperfections. It also works to stimulate the lymphatic flow, carrying away toxic waste.

Secondly, the chemical peel exfoliates deeper layers for radiant, firmer skin. The two treatments accelerate action, giving you the results you want more quickly.

That’s why we call these double treatments “cocktails.” The results will make you giddy!

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