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It would seem only logical to use just your facial moisturiser, doesn’t it? But as we discussed last time, this area has the thinnest skin on the body and is also the most sensitive.

If you’ve ever experienced stinging, burning, or watery eyes after applying a facial moisturizer around your eye area, then you already know what we’re talking about. It’s just too irritating!

Only ophthalmologists tested and approved eye cremes should be applied to this delicate area. Just like facial moisturizers, eye cremes were created to tackle specific problems like dark circles, puffiness and to reduce fine eye lines and wrinkles.

But there is another reason to steer clear of heavy facial moisturizers. Have you ever experienced little bumps around your eyes? These are called milia, skin cells that are trapped in small pockets near the surface of the skin.

This happens because the eye area has very few oil glands. If your facial products are too rich, they can greatly contribute to this nasty little problem. Very hard and seed-like, milia are also very difficult to remove.

That’s why using products especially formulated for this sensitive area just makes sense. It’s the key to preventing this unsightly problem.

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