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Who’s That Pain In Your Neck? (And What To Do About It) By Beauty Salon Taringa – Call Us On 07 3871 0477

You know that stabbing pain in your neck? Well, it’s trying to tell you something. If you haven’t quite figured out what it is, we can…HELP!

Yes, any pain in your body is a cry for help. The funny thing is each body part has a different message.

Neck—Stiffness and tightness can indicate resistance, usually to other ways of thinking.

Shoulders—This is where you carry the weight of your responsibilities. It, too, can indicate resistance, perhaps to pressure(s) to perform or produce.

Low Back—This area is related to your notions of survival, security, and self-support. If you’re feeling like you can’t meet other people’s expectations that pressure can show up in this area.

Butt—Believe it or not, the glutes are often the most tense and clenched muscles in the body. This area has to do with elimination and release. Issues of control and power are often stored here.

We’re all pretty good at towing the line and pushing through to get the job done. The problem is, you can only do that for so long until your body starts sending pain messages.

The stress we deal with today never stops, unlike our caveman ancestors. The good news is massage has been clinically proven to break that “fight or flight” response we humans are so famous for.

This highly respected and valuable therapy stops over production of the stress hormone, cortisol, by breaking the destructive stress cycle. It actually re-programs your body and how it responds to stress!

Think about it. How many times have you said, “I wish this didn’t bother me so much?”

Well, here’s your answer, regular massage therapy. Feeling good is your birthright and it’s how you combat the daily pounding of stress.

Let it all go for one hour and get back a healthier, satisfying life!


Who’s That Pain In Your Neck? (And What To Do About It) – Call Us On 07 3871 0477