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Don’t mistake skin conditions for glowing skin. What may look like a rosy glow could actually be rosacea. But how can you be sure?

We have listed down several reasons why your skin has turned a bright hue and what you can do about it.

– Irritated skin – Extremely dry skin can become red and may look like a rash. Use products that provide hydration and lubrication.

– Rosacea – Though causes are still unproven, certain foods can trigger it. Those who suffer with this condition have cheeks, chins and noses that turn bright red. And sometimes, even pimples. Laser treatments and topical medications can tame the redness.

– Couperose – If you see small, spidery veins creep across your cheeks, chin and nose, that’s what’s called couperose. These are capillaries and blood vessels that have become weak and broken. This condition is hereditary but extreme temperatures and exfoliating too much can also cause it. There are products formulated specifically to strengthen capillary walls and ease the redness.

Clinical treatments and good skincare is a must. If you want to make your skin more comfortable and beautiful, just let us know.

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