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One of our many gorgeous clients, Helen, had a wonderful idea and we loved it and know you will too.
She suggested: “Why don’t you have a cancellation list? If a client has to cancel at the last minute, then clients like me (who are at home or not working that day), could be rung and come straight down and fill that gap for you.”

Well, we’d love to help out. So, get yourself on the “Standby List.”
Email with the subject “Standby List”
Include your name, mobile number and tell us what day/s you’re free. Or, phone Nancy on 3871 0477 and give her your details.

If we get a cancellation on your day off, we’ll send you a free SMS message or phone you. This is a WIN/WIN situation.

So call  now, NEST Skin Body & Wellbeing, your beauty salon Taringa 3871 0477.