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This Is Nutrition For Your Feet

This Is Nutrition For Your Feet

We’re betting you never thought of it this way, but pedicures are good nutrition for your feet.

Let’s face it.

Your feet take a beat everyday. Not only do they carry your physical weight, they also carry the weight of your world!

If they could be recycled, it might not matter how you treat them, but they can’t. They are yours forever.

Tired, aching feet are begging for relief from the load they’ve carried throughout the day. And no doubt, you are, too!

That’s why including professional pedicures as part of your wellness plan just makes sense.


  • Prevent infections and diseases of the nail
  • Reduce foot odor
  • Loosen tight muscles and relieves strain caused y day to day activities
  • Diminish chronic pain
  • Reduce mental stress
  • Prevent corns and calluses from causing painful walking
  • Stop ingrown nails

Trimming, clipping, and cleaning your nails prevent them from growing inward and causing an infection. Exfoliation of calluses and corns give your feet renewed life, and you get more bounce in your step.

That’s why we call pedicures “nutrition.” They feed your feet, giving them more life and you many more comfortable, pain-free walking years! And as a second bonus, pedicures release all the stress and strain you feel.

Love your feet and your health with monthly therapeutic pedicures. We promise they will love you back!

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