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There was a woman who was so insecure without her make-up, she would cover her face and run to the bathroom after a facial.


No joke. And to make matters worse, the make-up she wore was heavy and obvious. That’s not good at any age. But at her age, it was worse!


As we get older, we sometimes get stuck in…well, old patterns. We still feel the same but our bodies have changed. Hate that, don’t you?


Here are three telltale mistakes that signal somebody’s stuck in a flashback:


Ring around the face make-up. Wearing the wrong shade of make-up that ends in a ring under the chin. Make-up should always blend flawlessly with your skin tone.


The cosmetic counter look. Too much make-up is often worn to hide facial imperfections and to cover a poor self-esteem. Unfortunately, overdone is, well, overdone.


Trying to look way younger than you are. Yes, most of us mourn the loss of our youth,too. But sporting very young fashion make-up trends won’t bring it back. It will only draw attention to the grieving process!


Instead, consider corrective facials. Take the work out of getting ready in the mornings. Ask us about professional facials and our non-invasive Soli-Tone 2500 treatments that work for you.


And get an Issada make-up consult for an updated look. You’ll love how young you feel!

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