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Check the pH levels of your skincare. One thing people often don’t take into account when they are caring for their skin is the pH level of their skin and the products they use. The natural pH level of your skin is below 5, which is beneficial.

There is little information about pH in the mainstream skincare world despite the importance of this factor for skin health. We discuss the importance of pH levels and how these can affect our skin.

In recent years, there have been numerous studies that show an increase in facial skin pH levels can be indicative of skin instability. Studies have shown that this it can lead to acne and breakouts

It is easy to think that realigning your skin is the best thing you can do, but that isn’t always true. Although water can seem pure, it actually has an acidic pH level which can be damaging to the skin. Cleanliness is not perfect and some people could benefit from more acid in their skin.

It’s crazy to think that things like soaps, lemon juice (2.0 pH) or cleansers with baking soda (8.0 pH) are recommended for our skin!

Your skin’s acid mantle is the first defender of your oily, sensitive skin. When you wash your face with soap or cleanser, your acid mantle loosens and dries up. It’s important to check if the pH of the product is appropriate before using it on your skin.

Some personal care products recommended for sensitive skin have a high degree of irritation, related to the pH of the product. Better regulation regarding those in advertisements is necessary for most soaps and cleansers.

Everyone’s skin type is different and, as a result, the products you use should reflect those differences. It’s useful to check the pH levels of your skincare.

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