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Medik8 skincare products have arrived at NEST Skin, Body & Wellbeing. It is a very innovative and ever-listening brand that we are very excited to work with 🙂

Medik8 an award-winning global skincare brand, are formulated and researched by scientists in the UK, using effective ingredients with proven results. There are tailor-made home care regimes for specific skin solutions designed to target skin concerns such as skin ageing, blemishes, redness, pigmentation and dryness.

Medik8 serums are hand-made in small batches and being fresh means you can be assured of the highest quality.

As an innovative brand, Medik8 uses unique technologies to deliver advanced skin care with proven benefits for your skin. From active ingredients, to time release delivery systems, Medik8 products combine the best available technology to deliver long lasting and visible results.

Suitable for men and women of all skin types.