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Our Germaine de Capuccini “Non-Surgical” Lifting Facial

This Lift Facial treatment is highly recommended for those who are really seeing a lack of elasticity around the jawline, lines running from the nose to the corner of the mouth and lack of elasticity under the eyebrows (hooded lids). This “dropping” downwards is due to age, genetics or medication.

The key ingredient is V-matrix which works on increasing firmness by rebuilding the “mesh” support system of the skin to “pull the skin back into place”. It combines two powerful ingredients:

  1. Purified oligosaccharides extracted from the Cyperus plant to stimulate the synthesis and organisation of collagen and oxytalan fibres of the dermis, to rebuild the skin’s natural mesh that holds the skin firmly in place.
  2. A peptide responsible for the correct assembly, anchoring and stabilisation of the dermis. Features are lifted. Wrinkles are less visible.

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