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Is Facial Waxing Right For You?

Is Facial Waxing Right For You?

Unwanted facial hair growth can be quite troublesome.

Waxing is one option that can leave your face smooth and free of hair for weeks. But is this the right option for you?

Take precautions by choosing a licensed cosmetologist to wax your face and adhering to any guidelines given about facial products and makeup.

Waxing is done using a strip and wax which is applied on the hair and then pulled off to remove it from its root. Many beauty salons offer special waxes like chocolate or mango wax for facial hair removal. Apparently, the growth is prolonged leaving your skin feeling smooth after the session.

With the right care, you’ll easily see the benefits of waxing your facial hair compared to other methods.

Tips to keep in mind:

• While waxing does remove hair from the root, one should note that the skin on the face is very delicate and thin, and regular pulling will result in loose skin, especially the area around the mouth. So if possible, don’t opt for this method for the face.

• If you do opt for it, make sure the practitioner holds your skin taut from one end to cause less pain.

• Do not wax the same area too many times in one session as it will redden the skin and lead to boils.

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