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Is Beauty Sleep Real?

Is Beauty Sleep Real?

We women joke that we need our beauty sleep, especially if we’ve been working hard and not getting enough rest. The truth is research has proven the essential link between deep sleep and looking good.

But heck, you don’t need a room full of scientists to tell you that. Just step into your bathroom and let your mirror do the talking. You can see it!

Good quality snoozing is more than skin deep. It’s one of the great anti-agers, and it doesn’t cost you a dime—unless you don’t get enough of it. Here’s why.

During the night, antioxidant rich melatonin is released fighting off all that free-radical damage just waiting to turn facial lines into the visible signs of aging. Good quality sleep sweeps that damage away.

Once you enter R.E.M. sleep, your skin’s temperature reaches its lowest point. During this phase, your muscles are also very relaxed, and that allows for deep recovery from all the stress and drama your skin endured that day.

With your body in sleep mode, your skin doesn’t have to work to protect itself. Instead, the focus is solely on repairing damage.

Lastly, our bodies pump out tons of human growth hormones (HGH) during sleep. HGH is crucial for building collagen, which firms skin. Any products that you apply to your skin before going to bed are more effective because your skin isn’t multi-tasking.

It’s also another excellent reason to remove all of your make-up before hitting the hay. There’s no need to let the day’s make-up literally age you overnight.

So, yes, beauty sleep is real. It’s an extremely important part of looking good and feeling good. Don’t be bashful about getting yours every night!

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