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A fabulous new product to share with you – and we know you are going to love it!
Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert Rides Age Cure 30 day Renewal System is the perfect addition to any skin routine as it is a new three step night program that:

  • renews the skin with the peeling action from Lactobionic, ferulic acid and enzymes
  • reduces both expression lines and deep wrinkles with a new peptide and fills and plumps the skin like our Time Xpert Lift… it is honestly AMAZING!!

A self- evaluation test on 29 women between the ages of 30 and 73 for 30 days was conducted and….
The Result:
100% renewed skin which is softer and with fewer imperfections
83% smooth skin with less lines
97% firmer, plumper skin

This 30-day Renewal System is an effective alternative to invasive anti-aging treatment and an ideal supplement to prolong the effects of Botox injections.

More youthful skin in just 30 days. Denser, with less wrinkles and an incredibly smooth and uniform texture. This treatment works while you sleep, combining three complementary products to achieve optimum results from the first application.

From the first day the skin’s texture is softened and the skin wake up radiant.
After 15 days wrinkles are faded. Skin has a new texture: uniform, flexible, with less visible imperfections and pores.
In 30 days you will have discovered the transformation: new skin, denser, more supple, with fewer wrinkles.

The Three Step Program includes:
PRE – RENEW (use everyday for 30 days)

Deep exfoliation, with acid and enzymatic peeling, completely safe with strong renewing power.
ONE – NO LINES (apply on top of PRE for first 15 days)
With BTX-Tripeptine Booster that combats dynamic wrinkles, neutralising facial contractions (similar to Botox) and softening facial expression lines.
TWO – DENSIFY (use after PRE for second 15 days)
With Tissulage Tech. Regenerates the extracellular matrix to replace damages tissue in the dermis with ‘new skin.. this will create the “plump/ filled skin” that literally starts filling the wrinkles from inside out!


30-day Renewal System

Introducing a 30-day Renewal System.