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Importance of Cleansing

Are you cleansing your face twice a day?

Here’s why skipping your skincare cleansing routine is NOT OK…β €

πŸƒ Bacteria and toxins are all around us; from the air we breathe, to touching our cell phones! β €

πŸƒ Our skin comes into contact with residue from other products, such as make-up and sunscreens, not to mention oils, sweat and dead skin cells.β €

πŸƒ Without proper cleansing, we get a build up of dead skin which prevents our skin from being able to breath & oxygenate itself, resulting in dullness, clogging of pores, itchiness, sensitivity, breakouts, premature ageing… & the list goes on! β €

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there! πŸ€”

Not cleansing our skin properly also means that the other products we apply to our skin won’t be able to penetrate properly through a layer of impurities!β €

Are you running to wash your face yet? Why not?β €

We have facial cleansers to cover all skin concerns!

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