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We’re so committed to giving you worry-free Brazilian waxing that we did our homework and go a PhD. Now you don’t have to wrinkle a brow when you’re in our capable hands!


How We Got Our Phd In Brazilian Waxing! By Beauty Salon Taringa – Call Us On 07 3871 0477

How We Got Our Phd In Brazilian Waxing!

To get this prestigious degree, we had to make an over-the-top commitment to your health and ours. That’s why:


  • We use only hard wax for Brazilians. It’s made with salon quality ingredients that ensure exceptional results.


  • Our wax has a creamy texture, and does not crack or get brittle on your skin. Best of all, it absolutely does not adhere to your skin, only hair—a real pain reducer!


  • Our wax does not lift off the top layer of your skin, leaving the area susceptible to infection, like most waxes! Remember, it doesn’t adhere to your skin.


  • It also contains *titanium oxide, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin.


  • Our wax has been approved for use by dermatologists. And you know how fussy they are!


  • Our spatulas are disposable, which reflects our commitment to your health and ours. And absolutely no double dipping! We stop cross contamination before it can stop.


  • We use a pre-wax oil to soften your skin and further reduce pain.


And that’s how you get a degree of Professional, Hygenic, and Disposable (PhD) in Brazilian waxing. We love what we do and it shows!