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Everyone knows that the sun can do serious damage to our skin. The sun’s rays prematurely age you, contributing to wrinkles, blackheads, sagging skin and milia.

But it’s one thing to have this common knowledge, and another to really put that knowledge to practice. So what happens when you do nothing about it?

A 69-year-old former truck driver who had been working for almost three decades got a nasty wake up call when he noticed the difference on his face.

Extreme exposure to the worst of UV and infrared rays during his 28-year driving career caused the skin on the left side of his face to thicken and the elastic fibers to be destroyed. Now he is at high risk for skin cancer!

Thankfully, none of you will ever experience such a dramatic wrinkling. Because you get facials, use our high quality skin care, and exercise caution with the sun, you will never have to go down this road.

But in case you’re running late one day and you’re thinking about skipping your antioxidant serum and sunscreen, just think of our truck-driving friend here.

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