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How To Apply Long Lasting Bridal Makeup

How To Apply Long
Lasting Bridal Makeup

It’s your big day! The last thing you want to have to think about is your makeup. Follow these tips and make-up is the last thing you’ll think of.

1. SPF Foundation—We love SPF products as much as the next beauty lover. Just remember that some foundations with a high SPF contain titanium dioxide. This can cause you to pale out with the flash of a camera.

2. Do your eye make-up first. If you apply your eye make-up first, you won’t have to worry about your hand smudging your carefully applied blusher and foundation!

3. Use a primer under your foundation. This is a must! And don’t forget an eye shadow primer, too. A primer will help to smooth our imperfections, hide redness, and give your skin a flawless look. Your eye shadows will go the distance, too.

4. Apply your concealer after your foundation. Applying concealer before your foundation weakens its corrective power. Use your fingers to tap the product in to place and blend. Your coverage will last much longer and look way more professional.

5. Don’t go overboard with powder. Powder is a must for setting your makeup. Just remember not to go too far with it. You don’t want a cakey look. Use it mostly in the T-zone to keep your look natural.

And to avoid the hassle of doing your make-up yourself on your big day, set up a consult with us today. We’re trained make-up professionals. We’ll give you the look you want without the hassle.

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