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If you have acne or rosacea, you already know you have skin that requires sensitive care.

Harsh cleansers, alkaline bar soaps and alcohol-based products can worsen both conditions.

When it comes to cleansing, it’s extremely important to keep it gentle. Scrubbing the skin actually worsens acne, increasing irritation. Use a cleanser that’s pH balanced.

For rosacea clients, moisturizers containing ceramides and lipids are usually well tolerated. For acne clients, it simply isn’t true that you don’t need a moisturizer. Your skin needs an oil-free product that adds moisture.

Thankfully, more and more products have ingredients that work with symptomatic skin. Salicylic acid reduces inflammation and helps exfoliate in and around pores.

Active skincare ingredients are more slowly released through microsponges improving skin tolerance. To camouflage redness and pimples, mineral-based cosmetics containing silica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are wonderful for creating a smooth, matte finish.

Avoid heavy, waterproof make-up. These require make-up remover at the end of the day, which can be irritating.

Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments that also help reduce acne and the symptoms of rosacea. The best results for treating both conditions is a combination of clinical treatment, dedication to good skin care and topical medications.

We’d love to be a partner in your skincare treatment. Together, you can achieve smoother, clearer skin!


Help For Acne & Rosacea – Call Us On 07 3871 0477