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What is Glyco 8-Power biomolecules?

Glyco 8-Power biomolecules are found in 3 Germaine de Cappucini skincare products – SRNS Repair Night Progress Serum, SRNS Repair Night Progress Serum Eyes, and SRNS Mask.

Glyco-8 Power is a unique ingredient exlusively by Germaine de Capuccini. During the night it helps restore the skin’s daily energy loss and it accelerates the regenerating and repairing processes of the skin’s DNA.

Its delivery system also helps to speed up cell regeneration; multiplying the effects of the active ingredients in the product by eight times! This allows the results that we would normally see in 30 days to be visible within 7 days.

They are biomolecules that generate small vesicles that trap the active ingredients of the formula inside them. Their great affinity to the lipids of the skin enable them to penetrate easily, spreading the content that is trapped inside, increasing by eight times the capacity of absorption and multiplying the benefits of the serum on your skin.

The short and long-term benefits of using this ingredient on the skin:

  • “Rebuilds the composition of the lipidic bi-layers 2 of the stratum corneum to instantly create a healthier skin by increasing the barrier function without creating any residue on the surface,
  • Releases the active ingredient deeper into the skin,
  • Stimulates skin renewal to get the result within 7 days.

Products contain a potent cocktail of active ingredients, [such as a Zinc-Glycine Complex, a High-Purity Collagen Activator, and Soluble Native Collagen] with more than 50 percent of each.