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Avoiding The Raccoon Eyes

Avoiding The Raccoon Eyes

You went out with your best friend to the movies. And when you came out; your best friend looked fine, while you’ve got the eyes of a raccoon. How did she do it?

The answer: Lash Tinting.

Women know that wearing mascara can enhance the whole eye area. But there are reasons that prevent some from doing so.

Some simply don’t want to take the time with mascara even though they know their appearance is more polished with it. Others have an allergy to mascara and can’t use it.

Whatever the reason, lash tinting has saved precious minutes in the morning for many busy women and given their appearance more polish.

A vegetable dye applied just once every 3-4 weeks in less than 30 minutes, lash tinting is a safe, practical alternative to mascara. Our clients love how easy and convenient it is.

And best of all, you’ll never have to worry about chick flick tearjerkers again.

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