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Summer, winter, spring or autumn, we hear this complaint: “My skin is so dry.”

But would you believe that true dry skin is actually less common?

What most people experience is actually dehydrated skin with itchiness, tightness and flakes.

Because nobody likes having flaky skin, we have seen clients aggressively exfoliate, but with poor results! This can actually make your skin irritated and inflamed. And your skin is still flaky.

To get relief from this complicated skin condition, women will often use creams that are extremely rich and heavy. The molecules of these products are large and hard to penetrate. The product just sits on your skin, not doing any good at all.

The key with this skin type is to know what you’re dealing with first. Then understand that you must approach your skin with this motto: Everything in moderation.

Limit sun exposure and use sunscreen. Make sure all your products do not strip away much needed moisture. You want your skin care to replace the water you’ve lost overnight.

This is a common, yet tricky skin condition. It requires understanding and proper care to effectively balance its demanding needs. Over the counter products rarely address it.

If you’re frustrated with your skin, come in for a consultation. We can get you on the right track in no time!

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