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Are Manicures Really Just An Indulgence?

Are Manicures Really Just An Indulgence?

It’s rather silly that manicures are widely thought of as a luxury, nothing more than a vain indulgence in a little nail polish.

Think about it.

Your hands are one of the hardest working parts of your body! Why in this world would you want to overlook them?

Like we said, silly.

Professional manicures have great health benefits:

• Stimulate the skin and muscles, improving blood flow, relieving aches and pains
• Help to prevent hangnails
• Hydrate nails
• Tame unruly cuticles
• Relaxing!

Just having our highly trained manicurist buff your nails to a high shine is a health benefit. It actually stimulates blood flow in the nail bed, which promotes stronger, healthier nails.

And if you don’t have strong, beautiful nails should you get a manicure? Absolutely!

Weak, brittle nails love the extra attention. We can also introduce you to nail strengthening products that deeply replenish the missing moisture and oil so that you can get stronger nails.

Love your hands! They do so much for you. Why not pay it forward?

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