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4 Fake Skin Super Powers And How To Get Rid Of Them

4 Fake Skin Super Powers
And How To Get Rid Of Them

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and boy, does it take a lot of abuse! For some reason, people give their skin super powers, believing it can handle as much as they dish out.

That’s why we’re listing the top 4 fake super powers that actually wreck your skin…and drive us crazy.

Here goes:

The Tanning Bed – No, they are not safer than the sun’s rays; nothing could be further from the truth. With concentrated bursts of ultraviolet A and B, both of which cause skin to age, your risk of melanoma skin cancer triples! The obvious solution is to AVOID THEM!

Smoking – This addiction literally sucks the oxygen right out of your blood. Smoking does what the sun does, but from the inside out! It also yellows your skin causing it to become weak, tired and listless looking. Please stop!

Scrubbing Your Skin – Yes, washing your skin is great; scrubbing it like a scouring pad isn’t! It’s very irritating to your skin and can actually worsen acne. Be gentle and get the same results without the irritation.

Using The Wrong Facial Cleanser – Washing your face with deodorant soap or body wash completely wrecks the pH balance of your skin. It can actually make you look older, and your skin dull and lifeless. Use a facial cleanser created for the unique needs of your skin!

So were you surprised by any of our revelations? If you’ve been giving your skin super powers, we beg you to cease and desist. Get help now!

And that’s what we do best. It’s never too late to have happy, younger skin.


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